Saturday, 19 April 2014

Marxism 2014

Marxism 2014 is subtitled '1914-2014: A century of war, crisis and revolution', and will take place in central London from 10-14 July.  There are a whole range of speakers (including John Pilger, Darcus Howe, Janet Alder, Peter Hain, Gareth Pierce, Winston Silcott) , meetings, theatre and film (including one of the first showings in London of the new film Still the Enemy Within - about the Great miner's strike of 1984-85)  - check out the provisional timetable here but socialist historians might be particularly interested in:

Empire and Revolution: The Meaning of the First World War - book launch with Dave Sherry
Louise Raw on the Matchwomen's Strike of 1888
Henry Maitles on Marxism and the Holocaust
Ian Birchall and Paul Blackledge on 1914
Chanie Rosenberg on 1919: Britain on the brink of revolution
John Charlton on the miners strike of 1972
John Newsinger on George Orwell and socialism
Gary McFarlane on abolition and reconstruction in the US
Tony Collins on capitalism and sport
plus meetings on Tony Benn, Paul Foot, Stuart Hall and Nelson Mandela

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