Sunday, 27 April 2014

Guided walk in Kinsley


In 1905 the whole of Britain became aware of the conditions faced by miners living in colliery owned housing.  In Kinsley, West Yorkshire over 100 families were evicted from their homes during a protracted pay dispute between miners and coal owners.  The labour movement -then in its' infancy- rallied in support.  Keir Hardie and the Independent Labour Party in particular backed their cause.  Clarion vans arrived.  A tented village was set up on the common to shelter those evicted. And local children were accommodated in the ballroom of the Kinsley Hotel.  Come along and hear more about these events on a Guided Walk on Sunday 8th June 2014, starting 2pm at the winding wheel by Fitzwilliam Railway Station.   The route takes in part of what is now Fitzwilliam Country Park and ends with a pint at the Kinsley Hotel.
The event is organised by Wakefield Socialist History Group.   The guide is John Gill.   There is no charge and all are welcome.
For more information call 07931927451.
Alan Stewart
Convenor, Wakefield Socialist History Group

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