Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Introductory Training Workshop in Marxist Political Economy

IIPPE Introductory Training Workshop in Marxist Political Economy


Following the success of previous Training Workshops, the International Initiative for the Promotion of Political Economy will run a one-day introductory training workshop in Marxist Political Economy on 6 November 2013 at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, the day before the start of the annual Historical Materialism Conference (also at SOAS). We are seeking an audience of engaged participants, including undergraduate, postgraduate students, junior academics and activists, who have a particular interest in acquainting themselves with the basic principles of Marxian political economy. As this is an introductory workshop, it will assume no prior knowledge and will be led by Simon Mohun and Alfredo Saad-Filho. If you wish to attend the workshop, please send your name and occupation to Elisa Van Waeyenberge <<>> before 15th of October 2013.

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