Monday, 16 September 2013

IWCE event in London 21 September

Saturday 21st September 2013                   
10.30 – 3.30                                                                                 
Brunswick Centre (Foundling Court) , London                     
Across t’road from Russell Square tube                         
Community Room 10,                                           
Press Bell on the door                                        

We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday. We’ll shape up an IWCE Manifesto in the morning and learn about William Cuffay, black Chartist leader from Martin Hoyles and from Joyce Caanan “The war on learning, teaching and thinking: critical pedagogy for radically different future” in the afternoon. Lots of lively discussion and participation.

Lunch at 12.30. Cost £6.00. Pay on the day.
Email to confirm your place.
This event is supported by Labour Heritage.

IWCE Network tries to
* develop a diverse range of education materials and approaches for trade union and other working class and progressive movement groups
* respect the role of working class in making history, and in making future .

IWCE in Swansea, 12th October.
Presentations will include Richard Lewis on The Plebs League and the WEA in South Wales, Hywel Francis on South Wales Miners’ Library and the IWCE tradition,  Rob Turnbull on Noah Ablett: an agitator to the end and Dave Chapple on Mark Starr and a Panel discussion with South Wales Miners' Library and Llafur: Welsh People's History Society

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