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Welcome to the LSHG Newsletter (1997)

Welcome to the LSHG newsletter
Written By: The editor
Date: September 1997
Published In: London Socialist Historians Group Newsletter Issue 1: Autumn 1997 

Welcome to the long-promised newsletter of the London Socialist Historians Group. From now on, it will be published three times a year, at the beginning of the autumn, spring and summer terms. It will be distributed for free for as long as this is possible.

The aim of the newsletter is to let all the socialist historians in the London area know what all the other socialist historians in the London area are doing. It also aims to keep us informed of the outside world, and the outside world informed about us. Its success is therefore dependent on news and notices being sent in for publication. This first issue is really nothing more than a diary of events, but there is scope for the newsletter to become much more in future issues.

There is a theme running through this year's series of New Socialist Approaches to History seminars. There has been something of mini-boom in books by socialist historians - at least in contrast to the recent past. The authors of a number of these books have been invited to discuss the issues they raise. Seminars this autumn therefore include Sheila Rowbotham on the history of women in the twentieth century, Rick Halpern on the Chicago meat packers and Ian Birchall on Gracchus Babeuf. This theme will continue in the spring term. Additionally, this term, Tom Behan will give a paper on the political crisis in Italy in 1948.

Following the success of our one-day seminars over the last three years, with more than fifty participants attending the Writing History seminar last May, another will be held next year, on May 9th, this time around the theme of Political Change. As wide a range of discussion as possible is wanted, and the call for papers is reproduced overleaf. Those with something to say should start preparing their proposals.

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