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Conference Report - Chartism Day (1999)

Conference report: Chartism Day
Written By: Stephen Roberts
Date: January 1999
Published In LSHG Newsletter Issue 5: Lent 1999 

Chartism Day 1998 took place at the University of Birmingham on September 12th. There were 30 people present. Papers were read by Paul Pickering on Feargus O’Connor and Ireland, by Joan Hugman on the Northern Liberator, and by Edward Royle on Chartism and Owenism.

Chartism Day 1999 takes place at Dodford, near Bromsgrove, on July 10th. Dodford was one of the Chartist land settlements, and the conference will tie in with the 150th anniversary of its location day. One of the Chartist cottages at Dodford was recently bought by the National Trust. Speakers will include Malcolm Chase and Peter Searby.

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