Thursday, 30 April 2015

Routledge Studies in Radical History and Politics

From John Roberts:

 We are currently looking for book proposals to be included in a new book series, Routledge Studies in Radical History and Politics
The series has two areas of interest. Firstly, it aims to publish books which focus on the history of movements of the radical left. ‘Movement of the radical left’ is here interpreted in its broadest sense as encompassing those past movements for radical change which operated in the mainstream political arena as with political parties, and past movements for change which operated more outside the mainstream as with millenarian movements, anarchist groups, utopian socialist communities, and trade unions. Secondly, the series aims to publish books which focus on more contemporary expressions of radical left-wing politics. Recent years have been witness to the emergence of a multitude of new radical movements adept at getting their voices in the public sphere. From those participating in the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, community unionism, social/new media forums, independent media outlets, local voluntary organisations campaigning for progressive change, and so on, it seems to be the case that innovative networks of radicalism are being constructed in civil society that operate in different public forms. 

 The series very much welcomes titles with a British focus, but is not limited to any particular national context or region. The series will encourage scholars who contribute to draw on perspectives and insights from a variety of disciplines. 

 If you do have a book proposal that you think might fit the remit of the series then please email it to Thomas Linehan at and John Roberts at

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