Friday, 28 March 2014

Seminar on Tony Benn

Tony Benn: Assessing his Legacy for the Left

The Socialist History Society is hosting this seminar to assess Tony Benn's contribution to British politics; speakers will look at the historical roots of his commitment to socialism; his record in and out of office; some of the key causes he championed; and his role as a populariser of history.

The event will take place on
Saturday 26th April between 2pm and 4.30pm
at Conway Hall, in London

Speakers confirmed

Keith Flett (London Socialist Historians Group) – ‘growing more radical as he grew older'

Dr Duncan Bowie (University of Westminster/reviews editor, Chartist magazine) –‘the roots of Tony Benn’s socialist commitment’

Prof Willie Thompson (Historian, former editor Socialist History) – Why regrettably the Benn project did not succeed

Stefan Dickers (Library and Archives Manager, Bishopsgate) – Benn as archivist

Jon Lansman (editor Left Futures/CLPD) - Setting the Standard - What the Left should look for in a Leader

Stan Newens (ex-MP, ex-MEP; President SHS) – Benn as a Parliamentarian

Dr Kate Hudson (CND general secretary/historian) – Benn the peace and anti-nuclear activist

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