Friday, 16 March 2012

Richard Hyman and Industrial Relations

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Myself and Ralph Darlington have edited a special edition of Capital and Class (36/1, 2012) on the contribution of Richard Hyman to industrial relations. It's called 'A celebration and critical reassessment' and it's available at the Sage webite (

The running order of the special edition is

Gregor Gall and Ralph Darlington - Introduction
Graham Taylor, Andrew Mathers, and Martin Upchurch - Beyond ‘political economism’: New identities for unions in Western Europe?
Miguel Martínez Lucio - Union politics, purpose and democracy: To be or not to be? Optimism, pessimism and the continuing importance of Richard Hyman’s early contributions
John McIlroy - Strikes and class consciousness in the early work of Richard Hyman
Ralph Darlington and Martin Upchurch - A reappraisal of the rank-and-file versus bureaucracy debate
Melanie Simms - Imagined solidarities: Where is class in union organising?
Heather Connolly - Union renewal in France and Hyman’s universal dualism
Gregor Gall - Richard Hyman: An assessment of his Industrial Relations: A Marxist Introduction
Richard Hyman -Will the real Richard Hyman please stand up?


Professor Gregor Gall,
Research Professor of Industrial Relations,
Director of the Work and Employment Research Unit (WERU),
University of Hertfordshire,
Hatfield AL10 9AB

For a review of 'Trade Unions and Revolution' see here

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