Saturday, 10 March 2012

Black British Rebels

Black British Rebels: Figures from working class history
by Hassan Mahamdallie
Published/Distributed by bookmarks
ISBN-13 No: 9781905192977
ISBN-10 No: 1905192975
£ 3.00
At key moments in the British working class struggle for rights and freedom black leaders have emerged. This pamphlet is an introduction to that hidden but unbroken thread running through our history. Spanning the centuries from the 1750s to the 1970s, Hassan Mahamdallie brings to life six of these inspiring figures, from Olaudah Equiano and the fight against slavery to Jayaben Desai and the trade union struggles of multicultural Britain.

Black British Rebels by Hassan Mahamdallie is available for £3 from Bookmarks,
the socialist bookshop, phone 020 7637 1848
Booklaunch: Monday 19 March at Bookmarks

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