Thursday, 9 February 2012

Remembering when workers shut Saltley Gate

'In 1972 I was an engineer and union shop steward at Woodhead Manufacturing in Yorkshire. As a young man and a fervent reader of Karl Marx, even at that age, I believed that the workers had the power to change society. At Saltley Gate I saw proof of it. I saw workers’ power first hand.'
Pete Shaw interviewed by Will Howlett in this weeks Socialist Worker - for more on the mass picket that shut down Saltley Gate coking depot during the 1972 miners’ strike - forty years ago this month - see here and here

There is also a rally in Birmingham this Friday on the anniversary itself with Arthur Scargill and also miners and engineers who were involved in the Battle of Saltley Gate. Also speakers from current struggles and Banner Theatre will perform their song ‘close the gates’.
Friday 10th February, 11am, Gate Street, Saltley Gate roundabout

This Saturday (11 February) there is also a rally in Barnsley:
'Close the Gates—40 years since the 1972 miners’ strike'
With Ralph Darlington and ex‑miners
Sat 11 Feb, 1pm Cooper Art Gallery, Church St, S70 3AH

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