Wednesday, 8 February 2012

HWO Call for Papers

A message from our friends at History Workshop Online:

The History Workshop Online is seeking new contributions to the website: We are seeking new original articles, notices, comments and reviews of around 1000 words, as well as substantial multi-media essays which draw on the web’s ability to include images, audio and video to accompany text.

From its inception, History Workshop has been a place where those engaged with the past – historians, enthusiasts, activists – could share, inform and argue. Our perspectives are loosely leftwing but not sectarian and we welcome open debate. The internet is ideally suited to this purpose. History Workshop Online is a collaborative project.

We are always happy to discuss proposed articles or postings: please get in touch with your ideas.

To contact us, please email
Please think about how you can contribute to HWO: history is too important just to be left to the professional historians!"

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