Wednesday, 23 January 2019

LSHG support IWGB action on outsourcing at the University of London, Senate House

The London Socialist Historians Group which organises the socialist history seminar at the Institute of Historical Research, now in its 25th year, has reiterated its support for workers involved in a long running dispute at the University of London’s Senate House in Bloomsbury over the outsourcing of support staff (those who actually keep the place running).
After industrial action and protests by the IWGB trade union who organise many of the workers involved the University agreed to bring outsourced work back in-house. However it has delayed the timescale originally proposed for this. As a result the IWGB have called for a boycott of Senate House.
The LSHG has always supported the workers in dispute and indeed has cancelled seminars at Senate House on days when action has been taking place in solidarity.
We are supporting the boycott. We have three seminars scheduled at the Institute of Historical Research for late January and February 2019.
We are consulting with speakers about whether to take these forward in some form or postpone until a later date. The first seminar on 28th January has been postponed.
That also means we are scheduling no more seminars at Senate House after the end of February for the time being in support of the IWGB members in dispute.
LSHG Convenor Dr Keith Flett said we believe that it is absolutely right that a socialist history seminar should stand in solidarity with Senate House workers and we are pleased to see that a growing number of other IHR seminars are also supporting the dispute.
Details of the dispute are here:

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