Thursday, 10 August 2017

The roots of organising in UK working class history

 From John Page:

I am working with a broad range of trade union and community organisers
under the working name of the 'Ella Baker School of Transformative
Community Organising' on a project: 'the roots of organising in UK
working class history'.

In essence we are looking for examples of social movement building in
the past that might provide lessons for the present. The key for us is
the 'who, what, why, how' questions: how did these movements start, what
were their internal practices, how did they frame their issues, and how
did they mobilise/organise their constituency etc?

While the list of examples is very much open, we are looking at things
like the East London Federation of Suffragettes, the New Cross Massacre
Action Committee, inter war anti-fascism in the east end of London, the
upper Clyde shipbuilders work-in etc. We are particularly interested in
migrant struggles and organising.

At this stage we are not particularly looking at undertaking original research, it is more a case
of exploring what has already been written and in particular first hand

If anyone is interested or would like to contribute (either by joining a
'reading group' or  simply by supplying a suggested reading list, then
please register their interest here:

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