Wednesday, 5 October 2016

London Socialist Historians Group Newsletter #59 (Autumn 2016)

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The new autumn 2016 edition of the London Socialist Historians Group Newsletter #59 is now online - it features a comment piece by LSHG convenor Keith Flett on Labour MPs past and present and John Newsinger, author of classic work The Blood Never Dried: A People's History of the British Empire writing on The Easter Rising and the Left. There is also a statement by the LSHG on MI5 and EP Thompson (it might also be noted that many other members of the Communist Party of Great Britain's Historians' Group including Rodney Hilton and Eric Hobsbawm were also under state surveillance). Ian Birchall reviews two books in this Newsletter - The Cleaner of Kastoria - a novel by Jacqueline Paizis - and Australian Marxist Tom O' Lincoln's The Expropriators Must Be Expropriated, in which he discusses the Australian Minority Movement among other matters. The deadline for contributions to the next edition of the Newsletter is 1 December 2016 - for more details and on how to join the LSHG please contact Keith Flett at the email address above. Our Autumn Seminar Series at the Institute of Historical Research begins on 10 October with Steve Cushion talking about women workers and the Cuban Revolution - for details of the seminars see here. For details of other events etc etc please follow us on twitter - @LSHGofficial.

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