Saturday, 28 May 2016

Highlights for socialist historians at Marxism 2016

Marxism 2016 - Ideas for revolution runs from 30 June to 4 July in central London - it is roughly the same sort of time as the Radical Histories conference, but nonetheless includes highlights for radical and socialist historians including:

Kate Evans on her graphic biography of Red Rosa - an illustrated talk about Rosa Luxemburg

Book Launch - A Rebel's Guide to James Connolly with Sean Mitchell

Ian Birchall, Tony Phillips and John Rose debate the German Revolution, 1918-1923

Book Launch - Kieran Allen on 1916: Ireland's Revolutionary Tradition

Sheila Coleman on Hillsborough and the fight for justice

Book Launch - John Newsinger on The Revolutionary Journalism of Big Bill Haywood

Ralph Darlington on how the anti-union laws were broken in the 1970s

Book Launch - Simon Hall on 1956 - the world in revolt

Sean Sayers on Marx and progress

Book Launch - Roddy Slorach on A Very Capitalist Condition - the history and politics of disability

'Get Up, Stand Up!' Roger Huddle and Rick Blackman on the 40th anniversary of Rock Against Racism

Book Launch - A Rebel's Guide to Malcolm X with Anthony Hamilton

Alan Gibbons on Nina Simone: artist and revolutionary

Book Launch - Brian Richardson on Bob Marley: Roots, Reggae and Revolution

Hassan Mahamdallie on Five hundred years since Thomas More's Utopia

Book Launch - School's Out! The Hidden History of Britain's School Student Strike by Michael Lavalette

Ann Field, Mike Simons and Ian Taylor on Thatcher, Murdoch and Wapping - the conspiracy that broke the printers' union.

David Johnson on South African working class struggles in the 1920s

Candy Udwin on Tom Mann and the Great Unrest

Yuri Prasad on how Asians transformed the working class in Britain

Plus meetings on the Chartists, 'Karl Marx - a revolutionary for today', Eleanor Marx and the New Unionism, the history of the Labour Party,  Ninety years since the 1926 General Strike, Frantz Fanon, Forty Years since the Soweto Uprising, the Russian Revolution, 1936 and the Spanish Civil War, What Marx learned from Hegel, How to Read Capital, the Black Panthers, Engels and the origins of women's oppression, the battle of the Somme, the history of Queer theory and politics, Antonio Gramsci, George Lukacs, etc etc

Plus other highlights including Tariq Ali on the American Empire and its discontents, and other speakers including Moazzam Begg,  Matt Wrack, Judith Orr, Michael Roberts, Alex Callinicos, Ian Hodson, Weyman Bennett, Kevin Doogan, Anne Alexander, Natalie Bennett, Shahrar Ali, Stathis Kouvelakis, Ilan Pappe, Jack Shenker, Brid Smith, Dave Ward, Mark Perryman, etc etc

Plus cultural events relating to soul and the Civil Rights movement, the Easter Rising, George Bernard Shaw, the Black Panthers, the Miners's Strike,

For more information and to see the full timetable and to book see here

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