Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Marxism 2015: Ideas for Revolution

The timetable for Marxism 2015 in London from 9-13 July is now available online - there are so many critical meetings on offer on a wide range of subjects, but some highlights for socialist historians include:

Laura Miles - A Marxist history of gender and sexuality

Richard Bradbury - The Levellers, Diggers and Ranters - part of our revolutionary history (Richard is also helping organise an evening of drama based around the English Revolution, Not Such a Tory Land)

Donny Gluckstein, Mark Kilian and Frank Renton - Book Launch: Fighting on All Fronts: Popular Resistance in WWII

John Newsinger - Book Launch: Them and Us: Fighting the Class War 1910-1939

Alex Callinicos - The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx

Paul Rees - The Three Degrees: The Men who changed British football forever

John Molyneux - Rubens and Rembrandt - art and revolution

Siobhan Brown - A Rebel's Guide to Eleanor Marx

Megan Trudell - Historical Materialism

Darcus Howe, Robin Bunce and Paul Field - Book Launch: A Political Life 

Ian Birchall - Algerian Independence and the French Left

Michael Lavalette - A history of school student strikes

Nicola Field - The story behind Pride - Lesbians and Gays support the Miners

Alan Gibson - Dusty Springfield, sex, art and the Sixties

Matt Foot - 800 years since Magna Carta - a history of the fight for justice in Britain

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