Saturday, 1 November 2014

CFP: Manchester Social Movements conference

From 1995 to 2014, Manchester Metropolitan University hosted a series of very successful annual international conferences on 'ALTERNATIVE FUTURES and POPULAR PROTEST'.
We're very happy to announce that the Twentieth AF&PP Conference will be held, between Monday 30th March and Wednesday 1st April 2015. (Will we make it to Twenty One? Place your bets….)
Problems in getting information out of the university bureaucracy mean that we can’t yet definitely state what it will cost to attend. It should be very much as in previous years. But we wanted to get this information out now, with a promise of more to follow.
The Conference rubric will remain as in previous years. The aim is to explore the dynamics of popular movements, along with the ideas which animate their activists and supporters and which contribute to shaping their fate.
Reflecting the inherent cross-disciplinary nature of the issues, previous participants (from over 60 countries) have come from such specialisms as sociology, politics, cultural studies, social psychology, economics,  history and geography.  The Manchester conferences have been notable for discovering a fruitful and friendly meeting ground between activism and academia.
We invite offers of papers relevant to the conference themes.  Papers should address such matters as: 
* contemporary and historical social movements and popular protest 
* social movement theory
* utopias and experiments
* ideologies of collective action 
* etc.
To offer a paper, please contact either of the conference convenors with a brief abstract:  
EITHER Colin Barker,  
OR Mike Tyldesley, Dept. of Politics and Philosophy  
Manchester Metropolitan University  
Geoffrey Manton Building, Rosamond Street West  
Manchester M15 6LL, England  
Tel: M. Tyldesley  0161 247 3460   
Fax: 0161 247 6769 (+44 161 247 6769)  
(Wherever possible, please use email, especially as Colin Barker is a retired gent. Surface mail and faxes should only be addressed to Mike Tyldesley)  
We ask those giving papers to supply them in advance, for inclusion on a CD of the complete papers which will be available from the conference opening.
Preferred method: send the paper to Colin Barker as an email attachment in MS Word. Any separate illustrations etc. should be sent separately, in .jpg format.
* if this is impossible, post a copy of the text to Mike Tyldesley on a CD disk in MS Word format
* Final date for receipt of abstracts: Monday 9th March 2015
* Final date for receipt of actual papers: Monday 16th March 2015

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