Saturday, 7 June 2014

Urgent Appeal for old LSHG Newsletter

---- Edited to add - This missing newsletter has now been found - thanks ------------------
Urgent Appeal – Reward!!
In July 2008 a summer issue of the LSHG Newsletter was published. This included, among other things, a report by myself on a meeting addressed by survivors of the Socialisme et Liberté  resistance group in Paris in 1941.
As a result of a Byzantine dispute between LSHG officers, this issue was deemed “unofficial”; it was ignored in the numbering of subsequent issues, and it is not archived or available on line.
I urgently need a copy of my article for a book I am currently writing. I should be most grateful to hear from anyone who could supply the article in printed, photocopied or electronic form. I will pay a reward of £20 for the first copy received.
Please contact me through my website at

Ian Birchall 

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