Saturday, 24 August 2013

CfP: Remake / Remodel: The Making of the English Working Class at 50

Remake/Remodel: The Making of the English Working Class at 50 Call for papers. Roundtable discussion from midday on Saturday November 30th Institute of Historical Research WC1 It is 50 years since the publication of EP Thompson’s landmark volume The Making of the English Working Class. There have been a number of events already during 2013 to mark the anniversary and speakers have raised important questions such as what it means to be a Thompsonian today and how the book itself might be rescued from the enormous condescension of posterity. This roundtable, which is being held as close as possible to the book’s publication in late autumn 1963, seeks to take a research focused look at Thompson’s work. It will hope to look at some of the gaps and absences in the book, as well as reviewing topics that Thompson raised such at the moral economy and his remark at the end of the preface to the book that causes lost in nineteenth century England might yet be won elsewhere where research agendas are still very much active. Contributions to the discussion are welcome. A summary of a proposed contribution should be sent to Dr Keith Flett by the end of September 2013

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