Saturday, 23 February 2013

LSHG conference on the Dublin Lock-Out of 1913

Dear Comrade

A reminder about next Saturday's conference on the Dublin Lock-Out. Details are below and attached.

Registration is from midday and the room is in Stewart House [the new wing of Senate House facing Russell Sq].The room is STB 3/6 in the basement which I am assured is a conference style facility..

I hope to see you there


Keith Flett

Dublin Lock-Out 1913 Half day event at the Institute of Historical Research on Saturday March 2nd

The Dublin Lock-Out from August 1913 to January 1914 is one of the most momentous events in Irish and British Labour History.

The 100th anniversary is being widely marked in Ireland and with some events in the UK.

The London Socialist Historians Group is holding an afternoon event at the centre of UK research history, the Institute of Historical Research in London, to both recall the Lock-Out one hundred years on and to review the current state of historical research on it.

The event is on Saturday March 2nd 2013 from Midday at the Institute of Historical Research

Areas covered may include the role of James Larkin and James Connolly in the Lock-Out; the importance and impact of the ideas of revolutionary syndicalism; The formation of the Irish TGWU and the Irish Labour Party; Links between socialists in Ireland and the UK and the role of the British TUC; The successful organisation of impoverished and unskilled Dublin workers in trade unions; The short and longer term impacts of the end of the Lock-Out

Admission is free though donations towards costs are welcome

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