Monday, 14 January 2013

(Still) The Enemy Within: a film about the great miners' strike, 1984-85

(Still) The Enemy Within: The story of the Great 1984-85 Miners' Strike as told by the people who made it happen

(Still) The Enemy Within will tell the story of the 1984-85 miners’ strike through the voices of the miners that made it happen.

 "Although it feels like a life time away, the miners’ strike has never really left us behind, the ones who directly lived through it – who experienced the highs and the lows of fighting for the right to work. Realistically it’s never left the consciousness of this country. That is why it’s so important the right stories are told, the right voices are heard." 
  Louise Harrison, daughter of Keith Harrison, Askern Colliery NUM

 (Still) The Enemy Within will tell the story of the 1984-85 miners’ strike through the voices of some of the tens of thousands of young miners who followed their union president Arthur Scargill through a year of unprecedented struggle. It will describe the experiences of ordinary people – striking miners, their families and supporters across the country – who had no choice but to step on to the stage of history in one of the biggest industrial disputes Britain has ever seen.

Why did the miners fight? What was gained? What was lost? How did they change personally? What has happened to the communities and areas that were the battlegrounds for nearly a year? Finally, what has happened to those described as by Thatcher as `The Enemy Within' ?

We want to share a unique and compelling story, introducing the amazing and brave characters who played such a massive role in British history. We want to create an archive, we want to ensure that those who lost in strike do not lose their place in history. We want to create a tool, for all those who wish to engage with current social and political struggles, to learn from one of the greatest social and political struggles ever fought.

 To make this film needs money - please support their financial appeal

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