Friday, 14 September 2012

Paul Gilroy on The Value of Multiculture

National Union of Journalists, Black History Month celebration 
Claudia Jones Memorial Lecture
Monday 22 October, 7pm at Thomson Reuters, Canary Wharf, London E14
This lecture will be given by Professor Paul Gilroy who is currently
Professor of English and American Literature at Kings College London 
on the theme of The Value of Multiculture. Well known for his writings 
about the culture and history of the African diaspora in the western hemisphere, 
Professor Gilroy is the author of the seminal work, 
'There Ain't No Black In the Union Jack': The Cultural Politics of Race and Nation
All welcome. Registrations for this lecture should be send to
PS - Paul Gilroy is speaking on 'There Ain't No Black In the Union Jack' Revisited 
this Saturday in London as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of
Love Music Hate Racism. 

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