Tuesday, 6 September 2011

HM Book Series

The Historical Materialism Book Series is looking for book proposals
of the following type:

- scholarly monographs on Marx and Marxism, or applications of Marxist
methods to particular fields and issues
- translations of works by non-anglophone Marxist writers
- republications of Marxist classics with a new editorial apparatus
- thematically coherent anthologies of Marxist texts

Please send all proposals, with a full account of the proposed
structure and argument of the proposed volume (including estimated
total word length and delivery date), as well as its position in
relation to the existing scholarship to: historicalmaterialism@soas.ac.uk

PhD dissertations are welcome as long as the author is prepared to
engage in rewriting to transform it into book form.

All HM books are published in hardback form by Brill and in paperback format by
Haymarket Books

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