Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Photo Exhibition: Laslett's Carnival

Photography Exhibition: Laslett’s Carnival

Exhibition Preview & Talk: Saturday, 13 August @ 7.00pm

Exhibition Dates: 13 - 31 August, 2011

Location: Tabernacle Gallery, Powis Square, London, W11 2AY

A photographic journey into the history of the Notting Hill Carnival and it’s early pioneers.

Featuring the work of such acclaimed ethnographic photographers as Charlie Phillips, Alan Thornhill and Homer Sykes, Laslett’s Carnival tells the story of the internationally recognised Notting Hill Carnival's growth, from it’s humble beginnings as a local street fete into Europe’s largest and most celebrated street

The exhibition highlights some rarely explored moments in time, including the work of Claudia Jones and the often-overlooked contributions of local activist Mrs. Rhaune Laslett and Trinidadian steel pan player Russ Henderson. For the first time, we shall see the true history of carnival’s evolution and the key players who were instrumental in it’s transformation, individuals such as: Junior Telfer, Sonny Black, Selwyn Baptiste, Sterling Betancourt and the architect of the modern carnival, Leslie Palmer.

Photographs chronicle the tale of how Rhaune Laslett and Russ Henderson merged an ordinary British children’s street procession with the distinctive sounds of the Trinidadian steel pan, thereby bridging some of the cultural differences and racial tensions endemic of the time. The photographic artifacts of this historic journey are on display in striking detail, bringing together a magnificent collection of images, many previously unseen, Laslett’s Carnival captures a rare slice of British history in a stunning exhibition spectators won't soon forget.

A discussion with some of the main protagonists of the time and the photographers who captured their experience accompanies this exhibition’s exciting preview.

Key speakers include Sterling Betancourt, Sonny Black, Leslie Palmer, and Mike Townsend, son of Rhaune Laslett.

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