Wednesday, 15 June 2011

CFP: Critique Special Issue on Rosa Luxemburg

Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory: Call for Papers on Rosa Luxemburg. 2012 Special Issue: Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg
Call for Articles
Born in Tsarist Poland in 1871, she emigrated to Germany and became one of the most inspirational figures of the Second International. Luxemburg arrived in Berlin in the spring of 1898 in time join the Revisionist debates, which made her famous as a Marxist theoretician. Time and again Luxemburg proved herself as a gifted orator, inspiring workers to join the socialist movement, as well as she a talented theoretician, attempting to expand Marx's work and make it relevant to early 20th century movement. However, Rosa Luxemburg was and remains a controversial figure.
To mark the 140th anniversary of Rosa Luxemburg’s birth, Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory will be producing a special issue on and around Luxemburg’s works and her legacy. The special issue would like to examine some of her most well known works (such as the Russian Revolution, Mass Strike, National Question, and Organisational Question, Accumulation of Capital) and address their relevance to today.
What is Rosa Luxemburg’s legacy?Is her work still relevant today?During a time of economic crisis, does Luxemburg’s work, Accumulation of Capital have anything to offer the 21st century?Why does Luxemburg continue to inspire?
Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory welcomes contributions covering any aspect of Marxist political economy, philosophy and history. Articles should not normally exceed 7-8,000 words in length.
Articles must include an abstract of no more than 300 words and a maximum of 6 key words. Please note that Critique does not use the Harvard system and expects footnotes to appear at the bottom of the page.
For further instructions and advice for authors please visit: . For further details about Critique visit: . The final deadline for articles is December 1, 2011. Please send articles via email to the special issue editor: Dr. Lea Haro, and to:

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