Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Making the Tories History Conference - brief report

As the references to 1848 and recent and continuing events in the Middle East made clear if we had organised the Making the Tories History Conference in the last few weeks, another subject other than the history of the Tory Party might have attracted larger numbers. However despite a modest attendance the quality of the papers and discussion was high. Hopefully many of the papers, or summaries of them will be posted here in due course. One practical issue that came out of the final session of the conference with Andrew Stone was the desirability of doing something around history teaching in schools, along the lines of History Workshop's 'History, the Nation and the Schools' conferences ran twenty and more years ago [Ruskin conference 1989].
Edited to add:
Keith Flett on the History of the Tory Party
Dave Renton on 'Eton and the Tories'.

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