Saturday, 5 February 2011

Amy Levy: The Woman who Dared

Socialist History Society meeting - Speakers expert in her life and work will explain why Amy Levy remains important.

In a short life Amy Levy produced a remarkable collection of poetry, fiction and journalism; radically freethinking and a fierce social critic, Amy sought to live as an independent woman and professional writer. As a Jewish woman, she confronted the stifling prejudices of a male dominated and class ridden society; breaking free from her community, she moved in the radical circles of late 19th century London and was a friend of Eleanor Marx, Olive Schreiner and others; she knew George Bernard Shaw, William Morris and Oscar Wilde, who praised her “genius”.

Organised by the Socialist History Society

7pm 27th May 2011


Dr Nadia Valman, Senior Lecturer, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Christine Pullen, author The Woman Who Dared: A biography of Amy Levy

Dr Emma Francis, Associate Professor, Warwick University

Venue: Bishopsgate Institute

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