Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Just a couple of quick reminders - first the Ragged Trousered Philanthopists author Robert Tresell is being commemorated at a meeting in London on January 29th.

The LSHG seminars for Spring 2011-all at the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House, London at 5.30pm - are as follows.

Jan 24th Ben Lewis: 'Rediscovering Zinoviev? The USPD Halle Congress of October 1920'

Feb 7th Owen Hatherley: 'The Ruins of the Urban Renaissance, or why >Blairiteurbanism was a good idea appallingly implemented'

Feb 21st John Lindsay: 'Out of the Shadows- the Campaign for Homosexual Equality from the 1970s'

March 7th (new): Prof.Peter Alexander: TBC (but on the subject of South African miners)

March 21st George Paizis: 'Panait Istrati- Revolutionary, Novelist & Friend of Victor Serge'

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