Sunday, 14 November 2010

History Workshop: Doing Progressive History in a Digital Age

Socialist Historians might be interested in this new website of the History Workshop Journal - I have also added a link to a blog promoting another journal Twentieth Century Communism

Edited to add: The History Workshop Journal editorial collective is launching History Workshop Online, a website devoted to the practice of politically-engaged public history. Affiliated to the journal but entirely separate in its content, the site will serve as a forum, laboratory, and virtual coffeehouse for participants in radical public history projects worldwide. In the spirit of the original history workshop movement, we're keen to explore the diverse (and now multi-media) ways in which progressive history is being "done", in and out of universities and the museum and heritage sector.

We welcome all pertinent contributions: reports on public history initiatives; multimedia essays and articles; flagged events for our noticeboard; fulminations, rants, and raves. For further information please contact the site’s editor, Marybeth Hamilton, at

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