Sunday, 10 October 2010

Workshop Proposal

The Great Unrest: Workshop proposal
Mike Squires' editorial on the Great Unrest and Paul Burnham's
article on the High Wycombe strike in 1913 in the current issue
of Socialist History Society's newsletter stimulated me into
thinking about what I could be doing on the Great Unrest in
Battersea and Wandsworth. Email discussion with Terry
McCarthy prompted me to think of a London wide event on the
model of the former History Workshops.
I drafted an idea which has been amended in the light of
comments from Terry and Stefan Dickers at Bishopsgate
Institute which could well be the venue for a London wide
event. I have drafted a proposal for discussion by a number of
labour movement history groups I have sent it to. I will revise
it in the light of their comments. Those interested can then
meet to finalise a detailed proposal for circulation widely
around all our networks, and local and community history
groups across London.
With the right organisation and publicity, and if we can tap
into some funding, this could be an exciting project, with
relevance to today's needs as suggested by Mike in his
editorial. I discuss the proposal on my blog:
I would be pleased to hear from LSHG members.

Sean also emails with an appeal from the
African Heritage and Educational Centre in London:

Did you once work for
Temple Mills Works and Depot
Berger Paiint Factory
Tellffers Meat Factory?
If so, The African Heritage and Educational Centre would
like to hear from you!
The charity is running the PAST project, which aims to
preserve the heritage of Caribbeans, Ghanaians and
Nigerians who have lived in the Boroughs of Newham,
Hackney and Waltham Forest and who worked (or
associated with people who worked) for these three
We would like to record your memories, to ensure there is
a living record of this important time in East London’s
history. These memories will be documented, archived
and exhibited as part of the London 2012 Olympics
Games, as the area is changing face. There will also be a
London-wide touring exhibition of the project.
Any individuals or public or private bodies who would like
to contribute memories to this project should contact
AHEC:: 020 8558 6811

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