Thursday, 4 March 2010

Michael Foot (1913-2010)

From Llalfur, the Welsh People's History Society

We are very sorry to announce the death of Michael Foot, one of Llafur’s Vice-Presidents. This is not the place to write about his political life (see Kenneth Morgan’s fine recent biography for that) but we can mark his contribution to Llafur. Michael was, of course, a historian and literary scholar as well as a politician. He spoke about the second volume of his biography of Nye Bevan in what was evidently and an electric atmosphere in Swansea in 1973 – introduced by Gwyn Alf Williams. Fortunately a transcript of the evening’s discussion was published in an early issue of Llafur. He also spoke at one of the weekend schools at Pontypridd, participated in the London branch of Llafur and gave the Arthur Horner memorial Lecture in Maerdy. He was one of the great public speakers of his era and we were fortunate that he was willing to give the society some of his valuable time.
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Siân Williams (on behalf of the Llafur Committee)
Llafur Secretary

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