Thursday, 4 February 2010

Chartist Conference

Dear colleagues,
As you may already know, the next Chartist conference will take place in Paris at The Sorbonne, on 2-4 July 2010.

At this stage, the programme includes :
- Malcolm Chase (University of Leeds), “What next for Chartist Studies?”
- Greg Varco (Columbia University, New York) : “Outworkers of the citadel of corruption”: The Chartist press reports the Empire
- Eugenio Biagini (Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge) : “Chartism, Reynolds's Newspaper and the enduring relevance of Chartism, 1848-1906”
- Michael Sanders (University of Manchester): Chartist Hymn Books Lost and Found: the case of the “National Chartist Hymn Book”
-Joan Allen (University of Newcastle): “George Julian Harney and the Democratic Review”
- Benoît Agnès (Université Paris1- Panthéon Sorbonne) : « Une singularité chartiste ? Les mobilisations pétitionnaires britanniques et françaises pour la démocratie, 1838-1848. »
On Sunday monring 4th July, French historian of the 1848 revolution Louis Hincker will guide an outdoor tour on the traces of revolutionary Paris.

- Hotels : reduced fares have been negotiated in two hotels located close to the conference centre
It is recommended to book quite early.

- There are no registration fees. But there is a booking form :

Owen Ashton, Joan and Richard Allen, Malcolm Chase and myself look forward to seeing all in Paris,
With best wishes,
Fabrice Bensimon

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