Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Clara Zetkin in Britain

Appeal for information

Dear Friends

I'm researching Clara Zetkin's reception and influence in British politics (1886-1933), and would be pleased to learn of any references to her (positive or negative) in any biographies, memoirs, diaries, correspondence, etc., of British figures.

She was involved with the Second and Third Internationals, and founded the International Socialist Women's Movement; she communicated with the SDF, the BSP, the Women's Labour League and the ILP, and was in contact with Eleanor Marx-Aveling, Dora Montefiore, Margaret MacDonald, Fenner Brockway, J. T. Murphy, Margaret Bondfield, Marion Phillips and Mary Longman. I'd be interested in references to Zetkin's contact with these people and groups - but also any additional contacts with Britons (or emigres living in Britain, such as Friedrich Engels, Karl Kautsky, Eduard Bernstein, etc.).

Anything - no matter how minor - would be a great help. Email me on H_G_W_@hotmail.com with your leads. Ta.

Dr John S. Partington

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