Thursday, 6 June 2013

Socialist History at Marxism 2013

The timetable for Marxism 2013 (11-15 July, central London) is now online - well worth checking out - lots of meetings on subjects ranging from fighting fascism to class struggles in modern South Africa - but highlights for socialist historians include Andy Stone and Katherine Edwards on 'After Hobsbawm - People's History or Gove's history?', Brid Smith, John Newsinger and Paul O'Brien on 'The Dublin Lockout of 1913', Paul Le Blanc on 'History and future of Leninism' and 'The murals of Diego Rivera', Will Kaufman on Woody Guthrie (a 'live documentary with music), Ralph Darlington on his new book Revolutionary Syndicalism: Limits and Potential, Andy Durgan on 'Spain 1936', Ian Birchall on 'Lessons of the German Revolution', Talat Ahmed on 'Why didn't capitalism develop in the East?', Phil Marfleet on 'Colonialism, resistance and the origins of Islamism', John Rose on the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943, Celia Hutchinson on 'Chartism: the first mass workers' movement', Ken Olende on 'where does racism come from?', Norman Strike and Paul Simons on 'The Miners Strike of 1984' and (to end on a more uplifting note) Pete Jackson on '1972-74: When workers brought down the Tories'.

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